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Wild Orchard Art

Strataform 2254 Art Print

Strataform 2254 Art Print

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About this piece: This is a unique and original work of contemporary art created using a layered, mixed media composition.
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About Art Prints from Wild Orchard Art

Our Art Prints are created from unique, one-of-a-kind art that has been hand-painted by one of our artists. These are offered in limited quantities to ensure their distinctiveness:

  • 5"x7" - Limited Edition run of 150
    (fits a standard 8"x10" frame with matting)
  • 8"x10" - Limited Edition run of 100
    (fits a standard 11"x14" frame with matting)
  • 11"x14" - Limited Edition run of 100
    (fits a standard 16"x20" frame with matting)

The limited edition print and certificate of authenticity will be shipped together in a rigid mailer to prevent damage to the artwork. Each print is numbered, titled, and signed by the artist. Please note that this will appear on the reverse side, as the art is printed edge-to-edge without borders, ready for matting and framing. Matting and frame are not included.

About Strataform Paintings from Wild Orchard Art

Strataform paintings are a contemporary art form characterized by their layered composition, created using a combination of paint and mixed media. Much like the geological strata in the Earth's crust, these artworks are built layer-by-layer, with each stratum contributing to the final composition. The layering technique in strataform paintings adds depth, texture, and complexity to the artwork, making it a visually engaging and dynamic form of expression.

These paintings draw inspiration from a variety of artistic traditions, including street art, pop art, and graffiti. Overall, strataform paintings are a contemporary art form that bridges the gap between street art and fine art, offering a visually stimulating and thought-provoking experience. Their layered complexity and social commentary make them an exciting and dynamic addition to the world of Wild Orchard Art.

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