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Wild Orchard Art

Pisces Bar Necklace

Pisces Bar Necklace

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This genuine Pisces bar necklace from Wild Orchard Art has been hand-crafted and uniquely created from natural gemstones. This custom jewelry makes a great gift as well, and all crystal and gemstone jewelry has been cleansed and charged prior to shipping.

About this Product:
Type: Bar necklace on a 18-inch silver chain
Gemstones: Moonstone, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz
Color: White & purple
Vibes: Pacifist, Adaptive, Open-Minded
Other: Arrives gift boxed, cleansed and charged

Moonstone (patience, eases stress, balancing, guiding light during change)
Amethyst (deep thinking, open minded)
Blue Lace Agate (stability, calm)
Aquamarine (for trust in self, adventure-seeking, creative dreaming)
Rose Quartz (trust and harmony in relationships, inner healing, connection to others)

As a mutable, double-bodied water sign, Pisces wants to move in every direction all at the same time. As a Pisces, you often gather information and influences from as many diverse sources as possible, gaining energy from having as many experiences in life as you can. You balance this need for new with times of recuperation where you are able to rest and reflect. You are a pacifist, you are adaptive, you are open-minded. You may feel torn, wanting to experience all the things while having natural talents in many different things, making it hard to find focus and stability. Work to develop patience and calm, trusting personal boundaries and focusing most strongly on the things that matter - let the rest go.

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About Gemstone Jewelry from Wild Orchard Art

Prized for centuries for their natural beauty, gemstone jewelry from Wild Orchard Art uses hand-selected crystals and gemstones to create one-of-a-kind art that brings the extraordinary allure of the natural world into your direct environment. Formed of stunning minerals found in the Earth's crust, these natural crystals and gemstones have been thought to hold powerful energies throughout the history of humankind. Each gemstone used by Wild Orchard Art has been lovingly curated and uniquely selected to bring forth a piece that is designed to uniquely resonate at the soul level.

Hand-crafted jewelry from Wild Orchard Art is a one-of-a-kind art in miniature that's ready to wear. Crafted with high-quality hand-selected crystals, each piece is absolutely custom and unique — no two are exactly alike! Each piece of crystal and gemstone jewelry has been cleansed of ambient or stored energies and charged prior to shipping.