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Wild Orchard Art

Good Vibes: Positivity and Courage Triangle Pendant Necklace

Good Vibes: Positivity and Courage Triangle Pendant Necklace

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This Good Vibes: Positivity and Courage triangle pendant necklace from Wild Orchard Art have been hand-crafted and uniquely created from natural gemstones. This custom jewelry makes a great gift as well.

About this Product:
Type: Triangle pendant necklace on a 24-inch silver chain
Gemstones: Sunstone, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Red Carnelian, Yellow Aventurine
Color: Orange & brown
Vibes: Positivity, Courage
Other: Arrives gift boxed, cleansed and charged

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About Positivity and Courage Jewelry from Wild Orchard Art

Infuse your life with positivity and the courage to shine brightly. This set of gemstones has been carefully selected to attune to your confident and passionate nature, empowering you to radiate positivity and embrace life’s challenges enthusiastically and with a solid sense of purpose to achieve your dreams.

  • Sunstone: Boost your personal power and generosity. Just as the sun shines freely, Sunstone is a radiant gemstone that mirrors your noble and playful spirit. Amplifying your natural charisma, Sunstone helps you share your warmth and light with the world, giving generously of yourself.
  • Citrine: Channel positivity, joy, and wonder. Embrace your passion for life with Citrine, whose sunny yellow hues resonate with your vibrant personality. Citrine brightens your path, reminding you to celebrate each moment and find wonder in the world around you.
  • Tiger Eye: Focus your willpower and heighten your ambition. Tiger’s Eye boosts mental clarity, mirroring your drive and ambition. It can help you with determination to achieve your goals while captivating others with your dynamic presence.
  • Red Carnelian: Fuel your creativity, confidence, and courage. Red Carnelian’s fiery energy resonates with your dramatic flair, serving as a source of inspiration. Allow your creative talents to shine forth boldly and without hesitation.
  • Yellow Aventurine: Embody compassion and understanding. Yellow Aventurine compliments your noble and charming nature, bringing overall alignment of emotional balance and positivity. Let it guide you in fostering empathetic connections and spreading joy and warmth wherever you go.

With our Positivity and Courage collection, embrace your confident and passionate spirit while radiating positivity and joy to the world. These gemstones remind you to channel your natural charisma into your soul’s purpose, sharing your gifts generously and uplifting those around you. Embrace your inner performer and celebrate your unique light with the empowerment to shine brightly.

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About Gemstone Jewelry from Wild Orchard Art

Prized for centuries for their natural beauty, gemstone jewelry from Wild Orchard Art uses hand-selected crystals and gemstones to create one-of-a-kind art that brings the extraordinary allure of the natural world into your direct environment. Formed of stunning minerals found in the Earth's crust, these natural crystals and gemstones have been thought to hold powerful energies throughout the history of humankind. Each gemstone used by Wild Orchard Art has been lovingly curated and uniquely selected to bring forth a piece that is designed to uniquely resonate at the soul level.

Hand-crafted jewelry from Wild Orchard Art is a one-of-a-kind art in miniature that's ready to wear. Crafted with high-quality hand-selected crystals, each piece is absolutely custom and unique — no two are exactly alike! Each piece of crystal and gemstone jewelry has been cleansed of ambient or stored energies and charged prior to shipping.