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Wild Orchard Art

Gemini Triangle Pendant Necklace

Gemini Triangle Pendant Necklace

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This genuine Gemini triangle pendant necklace from Wild Orchard Art has been hand-crafted and uniquely created from natural gemstones. This custom jewelry makes a great gift as well.

About this Product:
Type: Triangle pendant necklace on a 24-inch silver chain
Gemstones: Tiger Eye, Goldstone, Hematite, Black Agate, Smoky Quartz
Color: Black & brown
Vibes: Playful, curious, intelligent
Other: Arrives gift boxed, cleansed and charged

Tigers Eye (for a feeling of wholeness, purposeful action, centered focus)
Hematite (for willpower and courage)
Goldstone (for ambition, positive attitude, assistance in achieving goals)
Black Agate (for grounding, clarity, and courage)
Smoky Quartz (for stability and grounding, anchor in the storm)

Gemini is ruled by Mercury (the messenger) and is notoriously inquisitive. As a Gemini, you look to see all sides of a situation, theory, or topic of conversation. You aren’t loyal to any one idea, but quickly flow through many to gain the deepest understanding of a given subject. You are intelligent, you are curious, you are playful. You likely contain contradictions, becoming both introverted and extroverted, and likely adept at shape-shifting to fit a multitude of social situations. Like two sides of the same coin, you may have a “public twin” that you show to the world, and an “inner twin” that you are only comfortable revealing with your closest relationships. With a sun in Gemini, you may lean into behaviors that tend to be gossipy or insincere. Remember to balance your need for a constant flow of information with discretion and integrity, grounding yourself to remain centered, whole, and aligned as you work with purpose toward your goals.

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About Gemstone Jewelry from Wild Orchard Art

Prized for centuries for their natural beauty, gemstone jewelry from Wild Orchard Art uses hand-selected crystals and gemstones to create one-of-a-kind art that brings the extraordinary allure of the natural world into your direct environment. Formed of stunning minerals found in the Earth's crust, these natural crystals and gemstones have been thought to hold powerful energies throughout the history of humankind. Each gemstone used by Wild Orchard Art has been lovingly curated and uniquely selected to bring forth a piece that is designed to uniquely resonate at the soul level.

Hand-crafted jewelry from Wild Orchard Art is a one-of-a-kind art in miniature that's ready to wear. Crafted with high-quality hand-selected crystals, each piece is absolutely custom and unique — no two are exactly alike! Each piece of crystal and gemstone jewelry has been cleansed of ambient or stored energies and charged prior to shipping.